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Belonging Matters holds a number of events throughout the year to inspire, inform and build the capacity of people with a disability, families, allies, workers and professionals to enable people with disabilities to enjoy personally fulfilling and valued lives in the community. These include seminars, workshops, a bi annual retreat for families and various leadership events.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops
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19 May 2023 | Amora Hotel - Riverwalk Richmond

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Milton Tyree

About The Presenter

Milton Tyree has has more than 40 years of experience in the design, development, and provision of supports and services centered on people with intellectual disabilities having access to valued aspects of everyday life. The primary focus of his work has been addressing the ongoing struggle around people with intellectual disabilities having good employment. Over the years Milton’s work has been influenced by Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) and Social Role Valorisation Association. He is a retired project director of the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute where he continues part-time work focused on supported employment leadership development in Kentucky along with employment consulting in other states and internationally.

What is this Workshop About?

The employment rates of people with a disability, particularly those with intellectual disability and Autism, are extremely low and traditional methods of finding work have not been very successful. This is often because job seekers with intellectual disability and Autism often need to fit an existing job and compete with many other applicants.

Customised Employment is a strategy that aims to tailor a job to fit the skills, interests, strengths and support needs of a person with disability, whilst meeting the needs of business.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from Milton Tyree from Kentucky, USA about what good employment looks like for people with an intellectual disability and/or others who might be disadvantaged in the open employment market.

This full day workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Employment Support: It’s Purpose and Evolution

  • Work Conditions, Interests and Contributions: An Introduction to Discovery

  • The Role of the Employment Supporter: Knowing When to Get Involved and When to Step Aside

  • Doing a Good Job of Getting a Good Job: An Introduction to Customised Employment and Job Development


Who is this Workshop For?

This event will be of particular interest to people with a disability, their families, support workers, disability employment organisations and others who are interested in assisting those with intellectual disability and/ or Autism in finding work.

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