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2 Part Series

16 November & 23 November 2021 

12.30pm - 2.30pm


Michelle Browning & Sarah Byrne

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What is this webinar about?

As we progress into adulthood we will have been given many opportunities to develop our skills and knowledge to make small and big decisions. It is quite natural to seek advice, ideas or information from others. Yet people with intellectual disability and Autism have often not had the same opportunities to make decisions and develop the skills and knowledge to shape their own lives. Constantly, their lives are directed by others.

The concept of supported decision making draws on our typical experiences of decision making and seeking support, and applies this in ways which helps a person with intellectual disability or Autism to make more decisions for themselves. Supported decision making is a practical way to make sure a person with a disability is at the centre of making their own decisions, build their skills and confidence and assist those around them to listen and support them. Support is provided by someone the person trusts, for example a family member, friend, or someone else chosen by the person.

Part One of the webinar will focus on how you can assist a person you support to develop their decision making skills and confidence. We will explore six strategies you can use as a decision supporter. They are:

  • Act Intentionally

  • Think about decision making

  • Strengthen communication

  • Build scaffolding

  • Create decision opportunities

  • Embrace risk

Part Two of the webinar is focused on strengthening your skills as a decision supporter. The webinar will explore four important skills and what you can do to develop them when providing decision making support. We will explore how to:

  • Increase your responsiveness

  • Minimise your influence

  • Understand the process and

  • Reflect on what you do and why


This webinar will also share stories and examples of people engaging in and using decision making skills.

For more information, please email: 

or call 03 9739 8333