Belonging Matters holds a number of events throughout the year to inspire, inform and build the capacity of people with a disability, families, allies, workers and professionals to enable people with disabilities to enjoy personally fulfilling and valued lives in the community. These include seminars, workshops, a bi annual retreat for families and various leadership events.

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Lisa Bridle


Deb Rouget

Teresa Micallef

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13 July 2021 | 10am to 12.30pm 


This webinar is for Residents of North Central Victoria and City of Hume Only.

What is this webinar about?

Friendships are one of the most important things in our lives. Research has shown that relationships make a big difference to our well-being, safety, learning and health. Although meaningful social connection is a problem for many people in society today, people who have a disability and/or other needs are at greater risk of isolation, loneliness and disconnection. Although we recognise the need for mutual friendship, we often struggle with how to assist people with disabilities or other needs to develop and maintain relationships, particularly with a range of community members.

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Seeking Expressions

Of Interest!

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Late June 2021

Date to be advised

About Focus on Community Pathways

Focus on Community Pathways has been created to provide space and mentoring for families (or unpaid advocates) who hold a vision with their son or daughter with intellectual disability and/or Autism to live a full, meaningful and inclusive life in the community. An inclusive life means that the person pursues the same opportunities that are offered to their non-disabled peers in the community, based on their interest, passions and strengths. It does not mean attending a day program or special group in the community. It also does not mean needing to be 'independent' but contributing to the community as independently as possible with a range of personally tailored support.


These small group sessions provide an opportunity to meet like-minded peers, explore new ideas and possibilities and take steps towards creating an inclusive life.

Is Focus on Community Pathways for You?

Focus on Community Pathways is for families (or unpaid advocates) in Victoria, who want to take action, are serious about exploring socially inclusive pathways and feel like they would benefit from working in a small action focused group. Focus on Community Pathways is best suited to those who are planning for life after school but is also useful for those who want to change direction and foster a more typical and inclusive lifestyle. Focus on Community Pathways provides 6 facilitated, action focused group discussions on-line. It is not a service to provide individualised community options.

Next Steps

Given this group will have limited numbers, we are asking those interested to complete and return an expression of interest by 10th June 2021.



To obtain a copy of the expression of interest, please email:

For more information, please email: 

or call 03 9739 8333

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