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    The Belonging Matters Notice Board is a frequently updated forum providing a variety of notices from service providers, Government, and other agencies. You can access information regarding events, reports, publications and many other resources at a click of a button on the Belonging Matters Noticeboard.

    The 2020 Social Role Valorisation Gathering

    March 27 & 28 2020

    ASRVA has begun planning The Gathering. We hope that those who attend are interested in strengthening their application of SRV and will be inspired and enthused to use SRV. We will be reinforcing the spirit of a Community of Practice through a mixture of speakers, discussion and activities. There will be opportunities for refection and critical thinking. There will also be opportunities for people to meet and work collaboratively. We hope to see you there!

    One person’s conference is another person’s gathering. What’s important is that there’ll be opportunities to engage with SRV ideas and meet others interested in applying SRV. Two days of engagement, information and insights.
    Fun is expected but optional!

    The presentations will be Australian-made and grown, though the work of Dr Wolf Wolfensberger, Susan Thomas, and colleagues is respectfully acknowledged and appreciated, and form the basis for discussions.

    CRUcial Times - Community Resource Unit Newsletter

    August 2019

    This edition of CRUcial Times is an exploration of what it means to create a home. We want to explore how we can assist people with disability to have more than just a bed, a room in someone else’s home or basic shelter but a home that others would clearly recognise and maybe even envy. Having a stable home can open doors to community, growth and connection. If we think of home as a safe and secure place to be oneself and from that secure place take up opportunities to work, study or contribute in some way then we need to consider why this is so often out of the reach of people who live with disabilities.

    2nd Video Released by ADEC on NDIS Pre Planning and Planning

    30th April 2019

    This video will help you understand what a NDIS Plan is and how you can prepare for your first meeting with the NDIA. If you need any help with your NDIS planning meeting, please contact ADEC on (03) 9480 7000 or email

    Disability Study City of Melbourne

    People with disability have a right to go to the same places as everyone else. They have the right to use the same services and participate in the same activities. But some places and services don’t work well for people with disability. We want to understand what things the City of Melbourne needs to fix to make the city work better for people with disability. The research is funded by the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Disability Institute, and Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute.


    Homeshare is an innovative idea.  It brings together householders with a disability who could benefit from help in the home and companionship, with people of integrity prepared to lend a hand in return for affordable accommodation. The Householder provides a bedroom and shared living. In exchange, the Homesharer provides some practical assistance which could be cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening, social outings, mentoring and guidance. Each homeshare arrangement is different and assistance may be needed in some or all of these areas depending on the individual’s needs. Home share has many benefits! It could help you to reduce your living expenses, live in a comfortable home, share common interests, enjoy new things and companionship, offer security and make a difference in someone's life!

    We currently have three people seeking Homesharers in the Melbourne suburbs of Caulfield, Mt Waverley and Doncaster.  Belonging Matters is not a provider of Homeshare but can put you in touch with people looking for Homesharers.

    If this sounds like you and you enjoy sharing your company with others then please email: or phone:  03 9739 8333.

    Understanding the NDIS Workshops

    Check flyer for dates and venues

    What are the workshops about?

    The three-hour workshops will cover lots of different parts of the NDIS, including knowing who is eligible for the NDIS, working out what support you can get in your NDIS plan, to using the funds in your NDIS plan to live a better life in the community.

    Who is running the workshops?

    The workshop is designed and delivered by staff with a disability from AFDO (Australian Federation of disability Organisations). AFDO and its member organisations are run by and for people with lived experience of disability. AFDO Disability Loop is a program that aims to make information about the NDIS easier to find, understand, and use.


    This guide will help you to:

  • Understand self-management and decide whether it is the right option for you.

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a self-manager

  • Understand how you can spend your self-managed funding in accordance with your NDIS plan.

  • Arrange your self-managed supports.

  • Manage your self-managed payments.

  • Prepare for a review of your plan as a self-managed participant. 

  • New Periodical Out Now - Thinking About...Recreation

    June 2018

    In this issue, Thinking about Recreation, our authors highlight the importance and benefits of inclusive recreation. Through the stories we see how recreation and leisure enable people with developmental disabilities to create positive identities, learn skills, gain competencies, contribute to their communities, meet people and develop long term, lasting friendship. In some instances, it has even led to employment!

    Understanding The NDIS Workshops

    The three-hour workshops will cover lots of different parts of the NDIS, including knowing who is eligible for the NDIS, working out what support you can get in your NDIS plan, to using the funds in your NDIS plan to live a better life in the community. The workshop is designed and delivered by staff with a disability from AFDO (Australian Federation of disability Organisations). AFDO and its member organisations are run by and for people with lived experience of disability. AFDO Disability Loop is a program that aims to make information about the NDIS easier to find, understand, and use.

    New Periodical Out Now, "Think About...What Keeps People Safe?"

    March 2018

    Many people develop safeguards throughout their life to protect their property, health, employment, home and loved ones. The Oxford Dictionary defines a safeguard as “a measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable.” This edition, Thinking About What Keeps People Safe, is a vital resource, especially for families, because people with a disability are frequently at risk of undesirable things happening in their lives due to a number of factors. These include low expectations, negative assumptions and attitudes, inadequate access to rights and information, lack of access to the good things in life, little voice or advocacy, marginalisation and exclusion, government policy, and dependence on service systems.

    2 New Periodicals Out Now!

    Two new periodicals are now available in the On Line Shop on the website:


    Issue 32 & 33 (Special Edition) 19 Stories of Social Inclusion

    Recently, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, we developed a project called 19 Stories of Social Inclusion. We invited 19 Australians to share their lives of connection, belonging and contribution. Each story demonstrates how people with a disability contribute to the Australian community and make it a rich and diverse society. From moving out of home, working with the police, joining a band, and hosting a radio show. In this edition we share some of those stories.

    Authors Include

    Jocelynne McCann, Hannah Beard, Nathan Basha, Meg Pargeta, Jen Tait, Brodie McElroy and many more!

    New Periodical Out Now! "Thinking About... Microbusiness""

    March 2017

    In this issue we share 14 stories of successful microbusiness owned and driven by people with an intellectual disability from all over Australia – and one from Canada! Our authors in this edition share their stories of why they started a microbusiness, how they carefully thought about potential ideas and what’s involved in running a microbusiness. They point out that microbusinesses aim to create a valued role for a person based on their interests, passions and abilities. They also aim to foster valued roles, build social and economic contribution and make money!

    Nightlife Disability Services Receive Award

    Nightlife Disability Services, designed and founded by people with a disability with the assistance of Belonging Matters, receives an award the at National Disability Awards In Canberra!

    Bringing The Good Life To Life - Exciting new On Line Material

    2 New Pages Added!!!

    Community Resource Unit Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new website we have developed as part of our NDIS Participant Readiness program.  This website has been created as a resource for people with disability and their supporters, both paid and unpaid.

    New Book Out Now - "Reinventing Emma" by Emma Gee

    The inspirational story of a young stroke survivor

    This is not only the story of a young stroke survivor, but also a valuable observational memoir for health professionals, written by one of their own who has travelled to ‘the other side’. As a former health professional she has a rare insight into life as a patient, and emerges with a very different perspective on person-centred care. For anyone that encounters seemingly insurmountable challenges in life. Read how Emma reinvents herself and develops resilience.

    Amazing Ted Talk - Hilary Cottam

    There are some excellent messages in this Ted Talk by Hilary Cottam. Check it out!

    Nathan Basha nominated for NSW state finalist, 2015 Young Australian of the Year

    I feel very proud and honoured to be a finalist in the NSW Young Australian of the Year awards. It is a wonderful opportunity for a wider audience to hear my plea for greater awareness around employment opportunities for people with disability, in particular intellectual disability in the workplace.

    As I travel nationally and internationally with my motivational speaking I hear all the time from people with disability that what would make a significant difference to their lives would be supported employment.

    Monthly NDIS Meetings

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, and will roll out across Victoria from June 2016.


    Is ACD Connect right for me?

    • Are you the parent or carer of a child with a disability aged 0 - 12 years?

    • Do you want to learn how to plan, manage and direct your child’s services and supports?

    • Are you keen to connect with other families in your community?

    • Are you able to attend monthly meetings? (until Nov 2016)

    Petition The Australian Government

    We Can Work with the Right Support


    Inclusion Australia's goal is to organise with people with intellectual disabilities, their families, and supporting organisations to make the promise of inclusion in the workforce a reality. People with intellectual disability can work when they get the right support. Yet only 8% of adults with intellectual disability work in the open workforce. 


    This is unacceptable and reflects an ineffective national disability employment service system. It’s time to change to a system of employment support that works.


    Inclusion Australia has prepared a petition seeking a national system of transition-to-work and open employment support based on demonstrated high rates of open employment outcomes.


    We want youth with intellectual disability to have the best support to get a job.


    We are asking people with intellectual disability, their family members, employers, disability organisations, and the community to support our petition which we will deliver to the Australian government.


    Please sign our petition to improve the employment participation of people with intellectual disability.

    My Friend Bradley

    I have been an advocate for a man with complex needs for nearly 20 years. The journey I have been on with him and his family over this time has seen some great outcomes for him, but it remains a constant struggle to ensure he has the funding needed for his support. We are hopeful that the NDIS will change this!


    Megan Buntine

    NEWSLETTER - Children With a Disability newsletter out now!

    This edition provides an update on some key areas of CDA’s work and other information on issues relevant to children and young people with disability. For additional updates we invite you to follow the work of CDA on social media - Facebook, Twitter@CDA39 and Instagram @CDA3068.


    AFDO Launches Disability Loop Website

    Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) is very pleased to launch the Disability Loop website at today.

    “Disability Loop aims to give people with disability and their families information about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) that is up to date, easy to find and easy to use,” said Matthew Wright, AFDO CEO.

    “Disability Loop is different to the NDIS website because it is run by and for people with disability and their families. It also brings together information from lots of different websites, not just the NDIS.


    Victorian Student Advocacy

    Every student has the right to a full and inclusive education. Every student has the right to appropriate adaptation being made to enable them to fully participate within their school environment. Every student deserves to have an effective educational program tailored to their needs. Every student should feel happy & safe at school.


    Whereas many advocacy agencies require students to have an intellectual disability, this is not a requirement to use VSA's service. VSA are a fully inclusive service. We are open to any student needing support in the school system - with or without a disability.

    "Senate Inquiry into the abuse of people with a disability."

    Find out what the inquiry is, how you can get involved, how you can make a submission to the senate inquiry and what the terms of reference are. All these topics are covered in the Autumn 2015  edition of the The Advocate, click the green button to download.

    Getting a job twice as hard for people with disabilities

    If you are an Australian living with a disability, the chances of finding employment are much harder - even if your condition does not stop you working.

    Our Voice Matters

    Inclusion Australia responds to DSS $1.5m cut to support and services for people with intellectualdisability.


    Inclusion Australia (NCID) is the peak body for people with intellectual disability and their families. Inclusion Australia has represented people with intellectual disability for over 60 years with the support of thousands of people and organisations.

    New E-Book "Accessible Melbourne" by Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet has recently produced an accessible Melbourne e-book. This resource covers a range of Victorian destinations including accessbile parks and all terrain wheelchairs that are available in parks across Victoria. It is free to download so go right ahead and click on the link.

    Communication aid app is now LIVE

    Scope has developed a communication aid template app for the iPad. People with little or no speech, or who have speech that is difficult to understand will these communication aids useful.

    Inquiry into Social Inclusion and Victorians with Disability

    The Victorian Parliament's Family and Community Development Committee's inquiry into Social Inclusion and Victorians with Disability has published its report.

    Ticket To Work

    Improving school transitions get Australian young people with disabilities into jobs.


    The Transitions to Employment of Australian Young People with Disability and the Ticket to Work Initiative report.


    Contact Michelle

    Youth Disability Advocacy Service

    The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) is raising voices, expanding choices and creating change for young people with disabilities in Victoria, Australia.


    YDAS works alongside young people with disabilities aged 12 to 25 to raise awareness of their rights and to support them to achieve what they want.


    We provide one-on-one support through our individual advocacy service. We also work on broader social issues affecting young people with disabilities through systemic advocacy. This systemic work is directed by the YDAS steering committee, which is composed of young people from across Victoria, most of whom have disabilities.


    YDAS is a service of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic). We are funded by the Office for Disability.


    Three young men with a disability live in a welcoming community in the heart of Canberra along with 22 other households in public housing. They are the head tenants and share their home with a co-resident or house-mate. Two of them require 24 hour support. This book describes how three mothers achieved this over several years. It describes the families, the essential elements, the strategy, the partners, the community, the philosophy, the work.


    Individuals and families: $10.00 plus $3.85 postage


    Organisations: $20.00 plus $3.85 postage


    Email: for your copy.

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