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Belonging Matters has forged many strong relationahips with a wide range of organisations and people, all of whom offer advice and instruction on developing socially inclusive and rewarding lifestyles.

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Accessible Housing - Australian Building Codes Board

Under the Accessible Housing project, regulatory analysis is currently being undertaken of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing applied through the NCC. Accessible housing is housing that includes features which enable use by people either with a disability or transitioning through their life stages.

A Place to Belong - Queensland

APTB's mission is to encourage the building of communities where each person's unique strengths and struggles are valued and we each feel we have a place to belong.

Australian Disability Clearing House

Inclusive Technology

Australian Network For Universal Housing Design

Under the Accessible Housing project, regulatory analysis is currently being undertaken of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing applied through the NCC. Accessible housing is housing that includes features which enable use by people either with a disability or transitioning through their life stages.

Alberta Association for Community Living

A family based non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Amparo Advocacy Factsheets

AMPARO Advocacy is a non-profit community organisation which provides independent individual and systemic advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds with disability.AMPARO Advocacy has produced several fact sheets to provide information to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with disability, their families and communities.

Australian Social Role Valorisation Group

A website for all those who are interested in connecting with like-minded others about SRV, knoing the possibilities and issues in applying SRV, looking for training opportunities, and looking for ways of getting involved

Better Practice Project

Better Practice Project in Adelaide has published a fabulous resource called 'Valued roles for all: the keys to a good life" by Bianca Schultz and Ronda Held. This resource utilises ideas from Social Role Valorisation in a very helpful and easy to read manner, and in a very attractive publication.

Cam Can & Associates

The story of how Cam and his family founded a personal waiting business, of which Cam is now the proprietor.

Children and Young People with Disability Australia

CDA provides a link between the direct experiences of children and young people with disability and their families to federal government and other key stakeholders. This link is essential for the creation of a true appreciation of the experiences of and challenges for children and young people with disability.

Community Living Project

Assists people to nurture a home of their own in the local community

Community Resources Unit Queensland

CRU Queensland offers a broad range of resources to support the development of leadership and authentic change which enhances the possibilities for people with disabilities to belong to and participate in community life.

Crucial Times 51: What do we mean by inclusion?

Crucial Times is a periodical from Community Resource Unit Queensland and in this edition the question 'What do we mean by inclusion?' is examined in detail.

Crucial Conversations

Five stories of grassroots leadership and change in the disability community in Queensland.

DHHS Victoria

As of 1 February 2021, the Department of Health and Human Services will be separated into two new departments: the Department of Health (DH) and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH). Please visit the DH and the DFFH websites for corporate information about the new departments. This website is being updated to reflect the changes to the Victorian Government and its Ministry.

Dr Michael Kendrick Phd

Michael Kendrick is an international consultant from Massachusetts, USA. His interests have included leadership, service quality, safeguards for vulnerable persons, social integration, change, innovation, values, advocacy, personalised approached to supporting people, and reform in the human service field, amongst others. His website has many free articles.

Family Advocacy (NSW) - Resourcing Families

This is an excellent web site with information about Circles of Support, Vision Building, Building Support Networks, Choice, Resources, Personal Stories and Mentors)

Home Share Melbourne is an affordable housing program which skilfully matches people who need affordable housing with people who have spare bedrooms.

A social business in NSW which invests in the dreams and potential of people with disabilities.

IncludeAbility Resource Hub

Disability Discrimination Commissioner launches IncludeAbility resource hub

Isaac’s Band of Brothers and Sisters Inc is a microboard – an incorporated association that works to build a typical, socially included and quality life for Isaac. Isaac is a young man with a severe disability and complex needs.

Jay Nolan Community Services

Based in California JNCS focusing on people with Autism and intellectual disabilities.

Living Distinctive Lives

A small family governed arrangement in Melbourne focused on supporting individuals with a disability

Marc Gold & Associates

A network of consultants that provide training and technical assistance to systems, agencies, and families interested in ensuring the complete community participation of people with significant disabilities.

Microboards Australia

Microboards Australia is a non profit organisation that specialises in supporting people with disabilities to create a network of trusted people around them who will love and support them even when parents no longer can. This network has a formalised legal structure and is called a microboard.


A consumer governed service which aims to create a flexible night time service for people with disabilities.

Onondaga Community Living

OCL's purpose and mission is to listen to each person's history and personal story and to develop the services that best meet his or her needs.

Planet Puberty

Planet Puberty is a digital resource suite by Family Planning NSW that aims to provide parents and carers of children with intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder with the latest information, strategies and resources for supporting their child through puberty.

Partners For Planning

Partners for Planning in Toronto is a family formed and lead organization that is committed to empowering individuals with a disability and their families to lead the best possible life. One of the ways we do this is through the Planning Network, an innovative hub of online resources, booklets, docs and webcasts.

People with disability on public sector boards

Absolutely everyone: state disability plan 2017-2020 is the Victorian Government’s framework for creating a more inclusive Victoria for people with disability. Action 24 of Absolutely everyone is Voice and leadership. This seeks to provide opportunities for people with disability to lead and contribute to public debate and influence change.

Self Manager Hub

The Self Manager Hub has more than 400 resources to give you ideas and help you self manage an NDIS plan.

Self Managed Supports - Workforce Innovation Website

This website provides practical information about self-managing your (or your family member’s) supports under a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan.

Sherwin Consulting

Based in Queensland Jane Sherwin has been involved in the lives of vulnerable and marginalised people since the late 1970's. Her work is a mixture of projects for strengthening human service responses, mentoring and coaching, writing, service evaluations and planning around individuals.

Social Role Valorization

SRV is a set of approaches designed to enable devalued people in society to experience the good life.

Supported Decision Making - CPR

Supported decision-making (SDM) allows individuals with disabilities to make choices about their own lives with support from a team of people they choose. Individuals with disabilities choose people they know and trust to be part of a support network to help with decision-making. 

Think College

As the parent or family member of a young adult with intellectual disability, you may have heard a bit about Think College or seen videos or articles describing how students with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities are attending colleges and universities all over the United States.

TOM Melbourne

We create and build products that improve the lives of people with a disability, where there is no obvious or current solution in the market. We focus on making assistive technology more accessible and affordable for people with complex needs. ​

We Connect Now Children

We Connect is dedicated to uniting college students with disabilities in access to higher education and employment issues.

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