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Presentations, Courses & Training

Over the years Belonging Matters has developed a wealth of information on a variety of subjects that encourage people with disabilities to have valued and meaningful lives and belong to the community. Courses, trainings and presentations can be designed to suit your needs. In many instances our staff will co present with a person with a disability or family member. Generally presentations, courses and trainings are provided for a fee but on occasion, Belonging Matters will speak with small groups of people with a disability or families for free. Please contact us for further information.

Image of interview with person in wheelchair


Short presentations for conferences, workshops and small groups can be arranged on a variety of topics including:

  • Connecting to the Community

  • Fostering Friendship and Belonging 

  • A Real Home

  • Developing and sustain valued roles  

  • Personcentredness

  • Circles of Support

  • Self determination 

  • Consumer and family governed collectives

Courses and Trainings


I Believe in Inclusion

View Course


Circle's of Support 

​View Course

A Home of My Own?

View Course

Conversations That Matter - A course for facilitators

View Course


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