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About Us

Belonging Matters was developed in 2003 by individuals with a disability and families who believe that all people should be valued, included and contribute to their local community. 

Belonging Matters is a not-for-profit, grass roots organisation that provides information, resources and training together with mentoring and advice about social inclusion and belonging.

We aim to inspire and extend the knowledge of people with a disability, their families and allies to enable people with a disability to have opportunities and pathways typical of other citizens in the community - lives that are personally fulfilling, unique, socially inclusive and empowering. 

Belonging Matters Training Session

CEO Deb Rouget provides a summary profile of Belonging Matters.

Why is Belonging Matters important?

Belonging Matter’s believes that people do better when they experience:


  • The same opportunities and rights as their fellow citizens

  • Belonging and social inclusion in the community

  • Valued social roles

  • Lifestyles that enhance their individuality & uniqueness

  • Self-determination & empowerment

  • Their strengths, abilities, interest and passions are at the forefront

  • Freely given relationships from people who love and care about them 

  • Respect, self-worth, dignity & self esteem

  • Compassion

  • Welcoming environments and people in them

  • Responsive, flexible and creative supports and opportunities

  • Support processes that are people friendly

Belonging Matter’s believes that people do better when they experience:


  • Hold a positive vision for an inclusive life

  • Have typical opportunities and experiences and lead an inclusive life

  • Build informal networks and relationship

  • Self-direct your lifestyle including having control over resources and services

  • Plan and implement ideas

  • Learn from the experience of others who have much wisdom to share

  • Pursue mentoring and leadership roles

  • Reflect and renew

We do this by providing:

  • Events and learning opportunities, for example, online webinars, workshops, conferences and podcasts.

  • A range of resources such as books, videos, and articles

  • Information, mentoring and advice via the phone and through personalised consultation

  • Circles of support facilitation

  • Information and advice via the phone and mentoring

Belonging Matters is a member of the National Alliance of Capacity Building Organisations (NACBO). You can visit the NACBO website for further information

Visit our websites for more information


Belonging Matters

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