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Leadership Events

Often people with a disability and families are not considered as leaders. However as John Quincy Adams stated that “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”! Belonging Matters holds a number of leadership events for people with a disability and families to enable them to reflect on their leadership aspirations, deepen their skills, become mentors, share their stories and inspire others!


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Creating Change

Belonging Matters Leadership Event

15th October, 2018

On the 15th of October, 2018, we celebrated the leadership of people with a disability and their families. The event honour people’s contribution in regard to fostering belonging and social inclusion either personally, through mentoring others or sharing their story. It is through such leadership that we create real and enduring change.

View speeches from the Creating Change event.

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Social Inclusion Leadership Series

Finding Your Leadership Niche!

Michael Kendrick, 26th April, 2012

This workshop was available to people with a disability and families who are interested in exploring their leadership roles further. It will enabled participants to explore: Their leadership goals, passions, strengths, purpose and expectations; Possible leadership roles ; The kind of leader they aspire to be; How to assist others; What others might be interested in learning; How to impart a values framework; Considering what to share; The possible ramifications of leadership roles; Balancing competing demands and Refection and renewal.

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Social Inclusion:

A Four Part Leadership Course

Darcy Elks, 10th & 11 May; 15th & 16th Sept 2011

This four part series aimed to work intensely with a small group of people with a disability and families who expressed an active interest in taking up leadership roles that aim to inspire and mentor others to create good lifestyles that are authentically socially inclusive, individualised and personally meaningful. The series also offered a chance for families and individuals to renew and sustain their advocacy efforts for inclusion over time.

Image of Leadership Course attendees

Developing Leadership in Families Speakers throughout the series included: Michael Kendrick, Jane Sherwin, Margaret Rodgers, Jeremy Ward, Deb Rouget, and various people with a disability and families

This was a series of 8 day events throughout 2008. It was designed for families (and their allies) who are interested in assisting their family member with a disability to pursue personalised lifestyle options that include natural pathways, valued roles and contribution to the community. It also aimed to provide a place where families who share a strong interest in community inclusion, individually tailored and meaningful lives can come together in mutual support and exchange throughout the year. This series was developed in response to families who have not found congregate, group, segregated or “specialised” services suitable to the needs and aspirations of their family member.

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