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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Philip Pullman

Image of - Interview at Belonging Matters' conference

You can also check out Talks That Matter, our free on-line video resource, for lots more stories!

Image of - Dee Holmes

The Story of Dee Holmes and her family's challenge to provide Dee with a home of her own.

Image of - 19 Stories logo

A lot of people talk about ‘social inclusion’. But it’s not always clear what they mean. Graeme Innes, the former Australian disability discrimination commissioner, once said of people with disabilities: ‘We do inclusion by just doing it.’ If this is true, then this project goes to the source. It invites 19 Australians to share their lives of connection, belonging and contribution.

Image of - Cameron Skinner & his housemat standing on their verandah

Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Cameron Skinner and I am speaking today about independent living and my story. It all started when myself Mum and Dad and a lady called Deb Rouget from Belonging Matters (formerly Personalised Lifestyle Assistance), had a meeting about what I wanted to do in the future.

Image of - Cameron Skinner

This is the story of my son, Cameron’s journey to a happy, independent and meaningful life.

Image of - Warren and Police Commissioner Christine Nixon

After spending many years in disability settings, Warren’s family came to the realisation that authentic change was needed for their son and that would only happen if community members became involved in his life.

Image of - Scott's Artwork

Scott is a Warrandyte based Artist whose love of the area and of Melbourne is demonstrated in his works.

Image of - David with workmates

Through David’s employment at Woolworths he has the same opportunities as everyone else to boost his success, independence and self-esteem. David’s connection with the local community means that he has a sense of belonging and feels safe. In this article David shares how he got his job at Woolworths, the importance of his role and the highlights!

Image of - Brodie in music class

Brodie McElroy is young man who spent some time attending two different day programs but found them unfulfilling and mundane. A discussion with his mum was the catalyst for change and Brodie enrolled in the Certificate Three Music Course at Box Hill TAFE. Brodie studies electronic music composition and performance and discovered a whole new world at college.

Image of -  Amelia and classmates walking to the playground

Amelia attends Our Lady of Sion College where she is as included in everyday school life as any other student particularly enjoying Music, Art, and Food Technology classes. Amelia is also featured in an Australian Government advertising campaign, 'Girls Make Your Move', promoting healthy lifestyles for young women, she is a regular at her local gym, Aquarena, and has recently become a public speaker.

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