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A Unique Life which is Live In Community

After spending many years in disability settings, Warren’s family came to the realisation that authentic change was needed for their son and that would only happen if community members became involved in his life. The journey started in 2005 after his mother had been to an event hosted by PLA. With some assistance from PLA and others, Warren’s family began to create a vision of a typical, yet unique life for Warren that is lived in community, and that focused on his skills, abilities and passions. To ensure his inclusion his family believed it was important not rely to on human services to do the asking, so claimed back authority for this to the family. Warren moved out of a group home and now lives in his own place with the natural support of housemates. Rather than attending a day service for people with a disability he now enjoys a rich community lifestyle that includes volunteering at The Police Museum, St Vincent’s Hospital, The Salvation Army Café, membership of a gym, contributing to his church, and pursuing his interests in art.

Image of - Cameron Skinner with Police Commisioner Christine Nixon
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