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Board of Management

Belonging Matters Board of Management

Mark Glascodine


After acquiring a disability, Mark Glascodine left his corporate career and retrained as a careers counsellor focusing on  people with a disability. In 2011, Mark was the recipient of the Winston Churchill Fellowship researching best practice career advisory services for university students with a disability in the UK. Since then Mark has been working in the disability employment area  with Bravo Consulting, working with secondary, tertiary and in the post education sector as well as involved with NDCO and DEA  with general training or advise for people working with people with a disability or direct  advise to people with a disability.

jack O'Dwyer 240202.jpg

Jack O'Dwyer


Jack O'Dwyer brings to Belonging Matters a solid foundation in accounting and finance, evidenced by his Bachelor of Commerce and CAANZ certification. His professional journey includes impactful roles at Deloitte and a tenure as Treasurer for Special Olympics Australia. Jack's selection as Treasurer is rooted in his ability to translate complex financial concepts into strategic advantages that benefit all members of the organisation. Complementing his financial acumen is his personal commitment to inclusion, shaped by supporting his brother with a disability. Jack is committed to using his expertise to create a supportive environment at Belonging Matters, where each member's contributions are valued and their sense of belonging is a priority.


Toni Reeves


Toni has worked in the community services and health industry for over 20 year and has held a number of roles as a community development practitioner, manager, lecturer, researcher, organisational learning and development consultant and a company director. She has a B.A Social Science, Graduate Diploma in Social Work, Graduate Diploma in Education, and Masters in Education. Toni has worked with and managed a range of non-government services and has a background in local government, community health, family and children’s services, disability and aged care, family facilitation, education and training organisations in a range of not for profit and for profit organisations. She is currently the Director of ConneXions and is a passionate advocate for the benefits of real and meaningful inclusion – which has also been lived throughout her journey as a parent of a son with a disability.

Nada O'Dwyer.jpg

Nada O’Dwyer

General Member

Nada is passionate in seeing people with a disability have valued and fulfilling lives. She has 2 young adult sons and knows her first hand experience in supporting her youngest son will bring valuable ideas and fresh outlook to the position. Having completed several workshops in Social Role Valorisation, including PASSING, she has insight into the benefits of social inclusion paired with attaining valued roles. Nada holds a Bachelor of Nursing with a Post Graduate Diploma in advanced Clinical Nursing and was a board member with Special Olympics Victoria (Melb.Southern) for the last 7 years

Jane Raymond.jpg

Jane Raymond

General Member

Jane has two adult children. She has advocated strongly for her daughter, who has a disability, to have the same opportunities as her son and enjoy a good life in the community. Jane is now retried but was a kindergarten teacher for more that 30 years. She now gets to enjoy patchwork, china painting classes and travel when time permits. Jane has been associated with Belonging Matters for nearly 20 years. She has assisted with conferences, presenting and mentoring other families and has participated on various working groups. Jane is looking forward to being part of the Belonging Matters’ board to strengthen and deepen her skills and continue advocating for social inclusion. 


Adam D'arcy

General Member

Adam has worked alongside people with a disability for many years including managing Mobile Attendant Care in Queensland and was employed by Nightlife Disability Services in the southern region of Melbourne. Adam has served on boards of management and brings much experience in assisting people to direct their own supports, policy development and values based leadership.

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