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Belonging Matters' Services

Belonging Matters offers a range of services to enable people with a disability to lead fulfilling lives in the community. These services include free advice and consultations to people with a disability and their families or carers. We also provide free presentations to small groups of people with a disability and families about social inclusion and a range of other topics. Consultations, presentations and courses can also be provided on a fee for service basis at conferences or for agencies and staff.

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Building Community Networks

BCN provides Circle of Support facilitation and advice for those who want to pursue an inclusive life in the community. Circles of Support are not a service or program but rather a group of people who are intentionally invited to come together in friendship and support of a person with disability, for the purpose of achieving their goals and protecting their interests into the future. Circles of Support can enable: more people in the life of each individual who are not paid to be there, increase positive roles and expanded social and economic opportunities and provide a safe- guard for the future.

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Phone - 03 97398333

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Consultation Services

Belonging Matters provides a unique capacity building, mentoring and consultation service focused on enhancing the belonging, and social/economic participation of people with a disability. Our consultants have many years of experience in inclusive, person-centred practice and Circle of Support Facilitation, assisting people to have a big vision and pursue typical opportunities in the community. We do not provide programs but provide advice to people with a disability, families and allies who seek alternatives to segregated and congregated programs or living. 

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Community Employment Partnership

Belonging Matters has received funding to run a 12-month pilot project. The project is called the Community Employment Partnership.The idea of the project is to partner with service clubs and business groups to find meaningful employment for people with intellectual disabilities and Autism.To start with, we are working wth Rotary Club Melbourne Central to develop the project. Rotarians, the members of Rotary, are often business owners or know lots of business people.

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Individualised Living Options

Together, we are working on a project to assist people with an intellectual disability and Autism and their families to explore Individualised Living Options, and have a dedicated staff member available in your State to connect with, discuss ideas, and answer your questions.

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Educational Events

Belonging Matters holds a number of seminars and workshops throughout the year. These events aim to shift thinking about what is possible and enhance knowledge and skills in regard to belonging, community and social inclusion. "The more you attend Belonging Matters seminars, the more you learn and get inspired" (Comment from participant).

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Every two years, the Belonging Matters’ Conference attracts a wide range of speakers from around the world. The rich program enables delegates to delve into topics such as belonging, community and relationship. Participants describe the conference as “Phenomenal, mindset changing, practical, courageous and honest, I liken it to the big bang.”

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Periodical "Thinking About..."

Thinking About... is magazine that shares articles written by people with a disability, families and their allies. It offers topic based information and practical advice about how people have developed their social and economic contribution. You can purchase Thinking About... by visiting our web site.

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Our online book shop contains various books and publications focused on social inclusion community, mindfulness, home and many other topics. You can purchase books on our web site, at our events or by visiting our office.

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By visiting our web site you can view Talks That Matter, become a member, keep up to date through our notice board or events page and read a wide range of FREE articles and information. You will also have access to our online book shop so you can purchase “Thinking About..., books and purchase tickets for events.

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Become a member and support our efforts and receive a 10% discount on

Belonging Matters' events and products. You can register for membership on-line.


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Presentations Courses Training

Belonging Matters can also provide courses, mentoring, training and presentations for organisations, conference or small groups on a range of topics including social inclusion, assisting people to find work, creating and developing a home of your own, self-management, circles of support, facilitation. These can be designed can be designed to suit your needs.


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Talks That Matter (TTM)

TTM contains over 100 FREE videos. It brings together an astonishing amount of wisdom from people with a disability, their families and other change agents about community, belonging, work, the good life, planning, leadership, organisational change and much more! You can view videos by visiting

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