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This supported decision-making guide is written for people who provide assistance to others when making decisions in everyday life. It aims to provide:

a framework for understanding the process of supported decision-making,

a summary of its aims and principles and greater clarity regarding the role and responsibilities of decision supporters.

We suggest readers take their time exploring this guide. Perhaps only reading a section at a time, giving space to reflect on the ideas and go through the exercises in the workbook.

You will find it useful to complete the accompanying Workbook. You may also like to keep a journal or write down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook. In addition, you may find it useful to explore the other resources about supported decision-making in Part 8 of this guide.

Supported Decision Making Guide and Workbook Digital Edition

  • This version of the Supported Decision Making Guide & Workbook comes in PDF format. It will be automatically sent to you via email after you complete the checkout. 

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