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Issue 20 - September 2014

Periodical 20 - Ethical Service

  • “To educate the mind without morals is to educate a menace to society.” (Theodore Roosevelt). Even in business circles there is much discussion about ethical behaviour. Michael Josephson states, "In today’s ultra-competitive, high tech, interdependent business world, charisma without conscience and cleverness without character are a recipe for economic and personal failure of epic proportions." In this 20th edition of “Thinking About...” our authors delve into the vital question of “what makes good ethical service?” With the emergence of the NDIS, this edition is a vital resource as it challenges the notion that good service is not necessarily about growth, mergers, market share and innovation but
    supporting people with a disability and others who are marginalised, to enjoy a full, meaningful and inclusive lives. Authors include Brendan Forde, Pat Fratangelo, Libby Ellis, Lorna Sullivan, Leanne Burke and Deb Rouget.
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