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Issue 18 - March 2014

Periodical 18 - Life Enriched by Community

  • In our last edition of “Thinking About...” authors discussed “What it means to be authentically included in society” and discerned what might be standing in the way. In this edition, through a range of real stories and refection’s, we expand the discussion and look at “how” we might foster authentic inclusion. Inclusion which enables real belonging and connection for people with a disability. Alex Snedden leaves us with a very important message about the potency of valued roles as a means to fostering a life enriched by community and his mum Bridget describes how they made this happen! Maggie Skinner describes her son’s journey and Jane Sherwin reinforces the use of valued roles as a strategy. Janet Klees outlines four key dimensions that need to be present to set the context for genuine inclusion.
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