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Thinking of creating a Circle of Support?

This guide aims to provide you with information about Circles of Support, ideas about how you might create a Circle of Support and examples of how others have brought together a voluntary group of people committed to assisting a person with a disability to achieve their goals and safeguard their interests into the future. 

This guide also provides you with a workbook where you can write down all your ideas, dreams, visions and thoughts in one place. It is particularly useful for people with a disability and their families.

Written by Deb Rouget and Teresa Micallef, the information in this guide has been gathered from a range of people who have been involved with Circles of Support and their direct experience of working alongside people with intellectual disability and their families to set up, maintain, facilitate and develop their Circle of Support.

The guide and workbook are available for free in PDF or printed form through the Belonging Matters website. 

The guide and workbook were supported through an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building grant through the Department of Social Services.

Circles of Support Guide & Workbook Digital Edition

  • This version of the Circles of Support Guide & Workbook comes in PDF format. It will be automatically sent to you via email after you complete the checkout. 

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