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Advisory and Consultation Services

The Types of Advice Belonging Matters Can Offer

  • Building a vision for a good life

  • Living in your own home

  • Community inclusion

  • Building valued roles

  • Decision-making

  • Consumer and family governance and self- direction

  • Circles of Support and other safeguards

  • Planning

  • Fostering supports (paid and unpaid)

  • Networking opportunities

  • Education and knowledge-building

Criteria for Support

Belonging Matters predominantly supports people in Metropolitan Melbourne but also supports a number of people across the state of Victoria. There are no criteria for support other than the person with a disability or their family has a desire to pursue lifestyle options that are typical of other citizens i.e. personalised and uniquely tailored, inclusive and self-determined. We do not assist people to participate in segregated or congregated services or programs that are designed only for people with a disability. We work with people of all ages.

Courses and Training


Over the years Belonging Matters has developed a wealth of knowledge on a variety of subjects so that people with disabilities can have more opportunities to have valued and meaningful lives and belong in the community. Courses and training can be designed to suit your needs. Presentations are also available on request.  The following courses and training are available from Belonging Matters as in-services or training for small groups:

  • Community Connections and Belonging

  • Circles of Support

  • What is a home?

  • Building the Capacity of Individuals & Families


For more information, please contact us



Belonging Matters is available to do presentations to individuals, families and professionals.

Topics include


  • Community inclusion

  • Consumer and family-governed services

  • Individualised arrangements

  • Circles of Support

  • Hosting arrangements for funding

  • Creative alternatives for people with a disability to live in their own home

  • Other topics in line with Belonging Matters’  principles and values.

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