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Includes presentations by Darcy Elks, Jane Sherwin, Judith and Libby Ellis, Ian Ross and Sally Richards, Margaret Rodgers and Pam Rallings, Lisa Lehmann, Mark Vincent and Scott Ryder, Jacqui Rogers, Delia Fisher, Dean and Colin Richards, Cameron and Maggie Skinner, Jayne Barrett and Piere Rosenberg, Anita O’Brien and Tony and Robyn Doyle from our One Person At A Time Conference 2008.

Stories of Belonging Vol 3

  • Includes presentations by people with disabilities, their families and professionals from across the world. These papers inspire, educate and inform, demonstrating that disability is no barrier to an inclusive life in the community. Topics cover all aspects of inclusion from employment to studying, circles of support, a home of my own, individualised arrangements and service transformation.
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