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Issue 27 June 2016

Periodical 27 - Change

  • In this edition of Thinking about Change, our authors explore what authentic change looks like, what we should place our hope in and what it will take. Simon Duffy, from the Centre for Welfare Reform in the UK, reflects on the limits of personal budgets and the need to understand why things change. Jan Kruger from Imagine More in Canberra, reflects on
    her experiences as part of a NDIS trial site and discusses the importance of imagining more than line items and therapy! Jen Tait raises
    the importance of expectation, changing our thinking and shares Meg’s story. Alex Purvis describes how through changing their flight path, Dan moved from the role of a “client” to having a valued life - doing the things he loves in his community! Michael Kendrick discusses the important of evolving the capacity of people to change and the importance of values based leadership. And finally I reflect on some of the things that we need to change if we want to bring life to the values of equality and inclusion.
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