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Issue 26 March 2016

Periodical 26 - Circles of Support

  • This edition of Thinking about Circles of Support helps us to gain clarity about the intention, purpose and values that guide authentic Circles of Support. Katrina Fredberg, Leslie Wightman and Sue Smith discuss The Community Living Project’s Circles Initiative and Circles@School project and share the stories of Kirsten and Isaac. Marg Rodgers and Pam Rallings describe David’s Circle of Support and also provide some practical advice and cautions. Jeremy Ward, in an extract from his book The Shouted Goodbye, describes how his family initiated a Circle of Support for their daughter Mena to advocate for her inclusion in mainstream school and later to work towards a rich and meaningful life. Jayne Barrett from Community Living Project reflects on the importance of clarity of purpose, values and asking people. In an interesting example from Manitoba, Patti Chiappetta describes a unique service called In the Company of Friends that develops unpaid networks to support each individual to manage his/her funding and create a life of their choosing. Finally Sheree Henley discusses how her family established a Circle of Support and then a microboard to build a full and inclusive life for their son Isaac. Happy reading!
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