By Anita O'Brien 2018

...because it's better

  • A mothers story, and her sons story. Anita O'Brien knew about the value of living within community. When Warren was born she had a mothers dream for him to have a good life, but despite her vision for him she listened over the years to other voiceswho limited his life opportunities because he had a disability. One day she did an about turn!


    "...because it's better to live my life within community is a sto- ry that illustrates that a good, inclusive life is possible if you be- lieve, hope and hold on to your vision.


    In her, book Anita describes breaking-throughor breaking-awayfrom traditional services. This came about when Warren was 30 years of age and living in a group home. At the time Anita was 59! As Anita says its never too late!!This is a story about regain- ing and reigniting vision, community, faith and relationships. This is not only a book written from the heart, it gives great detail about vision, community, Circles of Support, Housemates, valued roles, living in a home of ones own, self-direction, fostering the right supports and the art of asking!