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Home and Accomodation

Crucial Times - CRU Newsletter

This edition of CRUcial Times is an exploration of what it means to create a home. We want to explore how we can assist people with disability to have more than just a bed, a room in someone else’s home or basic shelter but a home that others would clearly recognise and maybe even envy. Having a stable home can open doors to community, growth and connection.

Community Resource Unit

Why Group Homes Are No Longer Optimal: A Commentary

Though the group home was at one time the leading edge option for improving the lives of people with disabilities, it is now no longer considered the best option by leaders in the field

By Michael Kendrick

Who is Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) For?

No matter who is deemed eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation, we must uphold the sanctity of home - what it means to have a real “home”.

By Deb Rouget


The aim of the project was to learn more about the characteristics of Individual Supported Living (ISL) in order to inform, educate, and influence greater “take-up” of these options by families and support services to enhance the lives of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

By Professor Errol Cocks, Professor Patricia O’Brien, Dr Stian H Thoresen, Professor Keith McVilly

A Home of My Own

Cameron Skinner lives in Warrigal, Victoria. He is a receptionist for the Jeremiah Business Group, lives in his own home and believes in the importance of giving back to community through volunteering and sharing his story at workshops and conferences. He is also an avid Collingwood Football Club supporter. Deb Rouget has been involved in the lives of people with a disability and families for nearly 30 years. She has been the Chief Executive Officer of Belonging Matters since its inception in 20

By Cameron Skinner & Deb Rouget (First published in Monash University's jounral, 'Parity' 2018)

Enabling Home:

How Genuinely Supportive Persons, Agencies And Systems Can Enable People To Have Real Homes Of Their Own​

By Michael J. Kendrick PhD

One family's experience with supportive housemates

By Libby Ellis

A Home Thats Right For Me! Ontario Report:

Valuing Choice, Evolving Individualized Residential Options

By Jenny Carver & Associates

Personalised Residential Support:

PRS Report

By Professor Errol Cocks and Ross Boaden

Personalised Residenial Supports:

Guide To Decision Making

By Professor Errol Cocks and Ross Boaden

Individual Supported Living:


By Professor Errol Cocks, Monique Williamson, & Dr Stian H Thoresen

My Friend Bradley:

I have been an advocate for a man with complex needs for nearly 20 years. The journey I have been on with him and his family over this time has seen some great outcomes for him, but it remains a constant struggle to ensure he has the funding needed for his support. We are hopeful that the NDIS will change this.

By Megan Buntine

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The purpose of life is a life with purpose: creating meaningful futures through valued roles.

Conference paper from the 'The Odyssey: celebrating achievements, progress and change', Family Advocacy, Sydney 2012.

By Jane Sherwin and Meg Sweeney

Ways to build and join Community

Suggestions on how to foster community and develop roles within it.

Belonging Matters